BlackBox DashCAM...$49.99



 Records video and sound. Sound can be shut off. If your in an accident or road rage you may need this for evidence or maybe just use it to keep track of how the kids are driving when you are not in the car.

Just insert your SD Card and plug it in. Video starts and stops when you start your car. 

Loop recording so you don't have to touch it until you want to save it. Records hours and hours and just keeps looping until you have something you want to save.

Accepts SD Cards 4GB up to 32GB (not included)

Use these cams in the car or in the home. Motion Detection feature is great for using as a home security cam. Someone comes into the house or on the porch and the cam comes on. Also equipped with 6 LED lights for better night vision in home use.

 Product Feature:
1. 2.5" TFT Colorful Monitor
2. 6 LED's, support nightvision
3. 90 degrees viewing angle (enough for use in fact )
4. 1280x720/848x480/640x480 resolution selectable.

5. support SD/MMC card:up to 32GB
6. Records automatically after the car's power up.
7. High speed recording.
8. Supports Real Time & Date display on video.
9. Quick Snap, Quick Video Recording, Quick Review.
10. Cycled recording and repeat storage by section.

Use in the car or house for hours of surveillance.